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Craig Cavaluzzi

About Craig Cavaluzzi

From the onset, Craig Cavaluzzi's journey of Self-discovery has moved in tandem with an unfolding tapestry of creativity. This lifelong quest has been marked by a commitment to autodidactic exploration across a spectrum of expressive forms. Mastery over four decades in the culinary arts and two decades in visual arts represents only a part of this journey. His path was illuminated early on by the intricate art of silver-smithing in the Navajo tradition which he embraced for six years and enriched further by his enduring passion for inspirational writing, a craft he has honed for over fifty years.

Regarding writing, He completed his first novel, entitled Divine Beloved, a fictional work which he wrote during his six year stint at the Amrit yoga Ashram. The novels 500 plus page takes a deep dive into yogic lifestyle and philosophy, as well as the life conditions that motivate one to embrace the yogic path. He has also penned dozens of poems

    Decades of musical expression has been another conduit for his creative expression. Each discipline has not just been an outlet but a defining element of his voyage into Self-discovery and artistic realization.

His visual expressions finds kinship with the surrealists who sought to express the unconscious, dreams, and alternate realities through their art. The abstract expressionists’ focus on spontaneous, automatic, or subconscious creation also resonates with his work’s emphasizing fluid forms and dynamic compositions.There’s also a strong undercurrent of exploration into the nature of reality, consciousness, and perception, themes that are prevalent in both historical surrealism and contemporary digital art.

Transcendental states of consciousness as well as the expression of beauty are the motive power at the heart of all his creative expressions. 

    Music has always played a big role in his meditation practice; when he finds time, he dedicates his formidable creativity to play on its strings.    

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