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Fine Art Archival Printing 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

With the state of the art Epson Surecolor P9000 printer.

Musuem quality Archival Media and Inks

                  Available on the following media Up to 40 inches wide


$20.00 per square foot


Fine Art Paper

$16.00 per square foot


Photo paper

Semi-matte or glossy 

$10.00 per square foot

Digital Capture of your original Art 

Using the Canon Photographic gear

$ 90.00 per capture. Discounts available for multible captures

This capture price includes 2 proofs approx. 7x 9 in.

used for color and other corrections


Artwork needs to be not covered with glass

Artist needs to remove glass first if so.

Photography is best done before varnish or coating 

if the work is already varnished or coated it is ok.

Digital files

If you already have a digital file of your art work

and desire proofing the cost is $40


Opting out of proofing is an option but customer needs to acept finish prints as they are, That being said, we always do our own in house internal proofing.



Once upon a Print

  Regarding Printing, in 2001. myself and my partner at the time Scott Goldy ventured to    create a gallery to showcase my Art. Scott soon discovered his own talent as an artist.  We realized early on that having our own printer made more sense than to source out the work to someone else to print, so we purchased our own. Having the printer at our fingertips we began offering printing services to interested artists and anyone who needed our services.

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