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     The Wind

The wind blew by the top of the tree where I live,

spinning at my heels,

whistling in my ear,

caressing me with its floral fragrance. 


Taking a long tender look at where I had been, 

it said with an airy wisp of delighted recognition,

"You’ve been the wind before and more"



"Come! let's play!" it sung with a spin, scooping me up in its etherial embrace


Together we swooped over dense green canopies,

plunged deep into fertile rainbow valleys,

gazed with delight at

a great assortment of birds animals and insects going about their usual  day.


With great energy we soared heavenwards and peered through beckoning nimbus clouds, 

high above majestic snow cap mountains. 


We delighted at the rising full moon, golden in the early

evening sky.


For how long we played I do not know. 



Its voice now barely audible as it spiraled away into the blue pearl

of the vast sky, laughing with delight it said, 


"Remember, . . you are ever free, boundless, timeless and infinite"


With  attention grounded in the Joy of all joy, I beheld neither body or mind,

 neither head nor limb,

unburdened and free.

smiling  by the top of the tree where I live.


Ever green, ever spun, ever sought, but never won.

Ever tossed, like sea, like foam.

Ever thought, fair earth, our home.

Conceptions held, conceptions lost,

upon the road where synapse cross.


Within the skull that falls through time.

Within the flame that knows no rhyme.

Within the words that sound like dust.

Within the womb. 

Upon the crust.


Where worlds flow free.

Where worlds unfold.

Where symmetry, appearance, and sight erode.


Where time appears like solid ground,

warping space but never found.

Where moments tick but never reach,

the visible horizon,

beyond light’s reach.

Observing Lady Mystery

Quietly observing the mystery unfold

The three dimensional lotion

Of ages untold

Like a vision in a dream….

 Like a mystery in a scene.


Like the light on a screen

Like the litany in between


The thoughts and imaginings of untold souls

The rumblings and stirrings

 in the new and ancient…old


Quietly observing the folding of space

Linked to folded time

The body and the face

  Softly descending

 Did it for a lark

 Explosively expanding

Never miss my mark


Never lose my mastery

Have my data in a row

Threading time and memory and what the day will sow


     Quietly observing the mystery unfold

 The words and hidden meanings and the lives that made it so


Thoughts and emotions

 Filtered down through time

Filtered down through memory 

Superficial and sublime


Thoughts and emotions

 Written without a trace

Written in a sparkle

 Written on her face



 Who Am I


Who am I

Once again I ask

Once again 

I have both no answer and the appearance of answers.

I am all things to all people.


I am the loved one

and the hated one.

The forgotten and the worshiped.

Mounted on the pedestal of the empty cup


Obscure yet immediate presence.

Scintillating as the light of day.


Siting on the thrown of accomplishment

Receiver of high and lofty praises


I am the monarch

But I am not removed from my queen

Nor from my ministers, priests, or servants.


I am present 

As the essence of all kingdoms.

Kingdoms that stretches out to the shoreless beaches of infinity.


I am the beam issuing forth from the unthinkable mass of bliss,

where abounds the immeasurable wealth of the speechless Mother,

from whose breast billions of suns spray forth,

begetting universes.

 Mothering the mysterious combination of free space and time.


I am the one who watches over

Leaving planets and stars as footprints.


I am the whispering undercurrent,

tying together the fathomless vacuum,

blueprint of the mind’s airless expanse.


I am the ever untouched

The spotless cloth ready for dyeing



I am the appearance of color,

coloring space with small and large playgrounds.

I pay homage to all and kneel to myself.

I fill the heart of every temple.

Large and small size am I,

and no size


I am the never-ending torrent that sweeps.

Broader than all directions.

More immense than immensity

I sweep with speed that dismisses all dreams,

with a speed that utters one word of motion.

I am activity and stillness.

 Breaking all boundaries

I sweep on and on.

 searing limitations.

World within world I consume,

fuel for my atomic romp.


I flash between worlds with flaming light,

disintegrating and integrating as I go.


I leave behind where fortresses once stood

 fertile marshes of primordial life.

I instill in barren wastelands seeds of lush vegetation.

I imbue every name and form with my full power.

I am both simple and complex.


I am neither the fullness of all presence nor the emptiness of complete void.


I am the first the last and the middle,

comprising all segments,

filling all branches.


I am, and yet my existence is beyond the notion of something which can be contained.

Some say I am the contained.

Some say I contain myself within myself,

but in which time, in which space, can the immeasurable measure itself.


I am the trace of falsehood

In every truth,

the flaw in every formula.

Some say I am time or even death,

 but these are foam on an illusory sea.

None can boast of knowing me,

for I am not known by knowing,

nor am I know by the absence of knowing.

I am forever

My essence is the essence of all life 

 Of all Being,

of all Men,

their feelings, my own,

their words, my words,

their suffering, my own.


rejoicing in their joys,

lamenting in their sorrows.


I am the longed for remembrance

In their future radiant tomorrows.

Like Sound. . .  Silence



By the suspension of time

By the involution of space

abstracted to an infinite point


Author of astronomical configurations

Mesmerized by the sound of light


Far distant galaxies 


Right in my own backyard


Bringing forth the moment

Escorting it respectably 

Beyond limitation


Madness and Genius

Upholding each other

Racing toward each other with mighty strides


Dissolving with every pace

The endless cycles of beginning and end


Listen as time passes along

Along times trodden memory

Past turbulent water

And explosive volcanoes


Past incandescent waves of human feeling

Sound with sound ears and sound tongue


And like sound

Silence passes this way too

Etching on the goblets of unspoken words

Weaving the alphabet of unlimited expression

Delineating form, yet remaining untouched by it 


And like the mighty stallion sound


Silence too

Has beaten its hoofs into many a brain

    Troubleshooting The Life Human


Fixing stuff

Mending parts

Time and space warps

In the gravity arts


Weight and substance

Form and sound

Evolves the human

In the life-go-round


Mystery and logic

Sought-after tools

Art and science

Neither rules


Formula and prophet

Sinners being saints

In the theater human

Matter and all it taints


Essence untouched

In the school of laughter and tears

Eternities woven

In the texture of our years


Sense and symbol

To ponder we must

Tossing out the net

To the life we must entrust


Some answers lift like wings

Taking to the sky

While others fall and fade

Perish and doomed to die


Solutions sought and bought

In the slippery isles fraught

With perils, abysses, and strife

Barely resembling life

Clambering to find a key

Undignified, not free




  Eternal Prism

The blush of morning

Its pinks and pale blues

Stirring into life

Shifting frolicking hues


Held within the familiar 

Pocket of Mother’s skirt

Kissed and caressed

All through life

Since the dawn of birth


The gentle pressure of existence

The softness of her eyes

A canvas for our hearts

Laced with angel sighs


Reflections of beauty

Push the senses over the edge

No containers of reason here

No commitments to pledge


Wind poured out 

Into the morning breeze

Songs sung with transparent ease


Random brush and color

Come together in a joy filled dance


Blown on the morning bliss

Within the heart of Love entranced


Rainbow radiant light

Colors for our sight

Rays of sunlit dew

Orange and cobalt blue


And that which is in between

Life giving forest green

So much more so vast

Overflows the flask

Of yellow by the score

Crimsons gold and more


The names dissolve away

Like the throb of yesterdays


And it leaves one knowing truth

Leaves one knowing deep


Through the magic of color

And Eternities to keep





Deep within the heart of the Sun

Smiles embrace the ancient One


Within the deepest core of stars

Spread like lace

Both near and far


Deep within original mind

Where every precious quality shines


Within the heart of rhyme

Within the pulsating prime


Within his hands and feet

Hidden in fingers and teeth


Within pure being

Within pure now

Within the moment

The wish fulfilling cow


Within the utters, within the milk

Within the worm, that spins the silk


Within the mouth, within the eyes

Upon the lips within the sighs


Within the appearance 

that spins the web

across the centuries property of

the One that never stands or sits

who arranges galactic terrains to live


 Within the servant 


Not confined by prescriptions


Deep within the heart of the Sun

Smiles embrace the ancient One


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