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Experience the joy, sweetness and healing power of Music Medicine.

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Welcome and Namaste

The link provided at the end of this description takes you to the Sound Alchemy Page on this website.

Choose one or more Energy Medicine, selections to sweeten, renew and guide your energy.

Do this when you have an hour or so free, preferably early morning or late evening

Find a comfortable location were you won’t be interrupted.

Either in a sitting or reclining Meditative Posture ready yourself for an Energetic Bath.

Posture is important, so insure if you’re sitting that your spine is straight, your legs crossed, hands on your lap facing upward, thumb and pointer finger pressed together.

To get the most out of your Music Medicine session headphones are best. If headphones are not available position yourself in the center of the stereo field in between left and right speakers.

Eyes can be closed or opened. If open maintain a soft focus with eyes half open gazing inward simply noticing the breath and any thoughts or images traveling across your mind. Don’t try to change anything, just notice, in this way your still mental posture of passive attention will readily absorb the healing sound energies and effortlessly move into expanded states of Joy and insight.

Press play and allow the music to unfold its beauty, power and grace, mirroring your own beauty and original nature.

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